Dell Latitude 5285 goes official at CES 2017 with Surface Pro 4-similar design and specs

Repetitive smartphones used to be the mainstay of annual tech exhibitions such as CES or MWC, followed by way too similar wearable devices in recent years, but now apparently it’s time for smart speaker Amazon Echo clones and convertible tablet Surface Pro copycats to steal the (Consumer Electronics) show.

Unfortunately, Dell seems to follow Microsoft’s recipe for 2-in-1 Windows 10 detachable laptop success a little too closely. Basically, all that makes the “new” Latitude 5285 stand out is a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080p 12.3-inch touchscreen (in a bad way, that is), as well as seventh-generation Intel Core processors (in a good way this time).

Of course, an avalanche of Kaby Lake-powered ultraportable PC releases has started, and Redmond is no doubt planning a Surface Pro 4 revision based on the same CPU lineup, just with a far sharper display, and presumably, some other incremental upgrades yet to be detailed by tipsters and leakers.

Bottom line, the $899 and up Dell Latitude 5285 looks by no means special on paper, familiar versatile design, removable keyboard, built-in kickstand, and even optional stylus included. Search for the sub-2 pound Windows tablet (2.7 pounds when attached to a Travel keyboard) in US stores beginning February 28, with robust specs capping off at 16GB RAM, 1TB solid-state storage and 42WHr battery rating. 8/5MP cams, two USB Type-C ports, one USB 3.0, microSD card reader, and stereo speakers are also featured as standard.

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