Microsoft finally threw all you Windows Phone users, waiting for news about when to expect your Mango updates, a bone this week, officially confirming that Mango would get here “in the next week or two”. For information on when progress was being made for individual carriers, the company refers users to its “Where’s my phone update?” page, but that’s yet to reflect the distribution of Mango. For more detail, we’ll have to turn to the manufacturers themselves. Dell, for one, spilled the beans on its update plans earlier today.

If you’ve got a fully-unlocked Dell Venue Pro, you’ll have no issues getting your Mango update, on its way “later this fall”; no surprise there. If you got your DVP through T-Mobile (or Cincinnati Bell Wireless), it’s pretty much the same story; it won’t definitely arrive at the same time as the unlocked update, but Dell will still be making sure users get it.

The picture’s less clear with DVPs on AT&T. For whatever reason, Dell is unable to comment on the upgrade situation with those smartphones currently. It promises to provide that news once it’s able to confirm things, but it’s just a bit odd to have that kind of uncertainty lingering so close to Mango’s release.

Source: Dell

Via: Electronista

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