Dell gives up on Android-based Venue tabs to focus on Windows convertibles

Conventional tablets are dead, long live 2-in-1 convertibles! Market analysts have warned about the shifting trend for a while now, with more and more device manufacturers taking note and acting in consequence.

There are but a handful of active OEMs in the low-cost Android slate field these days, whereas everyone else is either considering throwing in the towel or has done so already. Case in point, Dell, which was never fully committed to the industry segment anyway, and is today officially pulling the plug on the Android-based Venue tablet line on account of “declining demand.”

That means products like the Intel RealSense-powered Venue 8 7000, which looked promising on paper but failed to develop a decent mainstream following, will no longer be sold… or served “future OS upgrades.” No Nougat for you, and almost certainly, no Marshmallow either.

Meanwhile, Dell is “seeing 2-in-1s rising in popularity”, so that particular class of gadgets, running Windows, is set to survive and possibly thrive, as the US company tries to adapt to an ever-fluctuating computing landscape.

Of course, you should never rule out a return to Android tabs down the line, or perhaps even a smartphone comeback, either through a renewed Microsoft partnership or altogether fresh Google alliance.

Source: PCWorld

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