Turns out that the Defense Authorization Act will be presenting some trouble to employees and contractors for the Defense Department. President Donald Trump has signed into law a budget that disallows workers from using products from Huawei and ZTE.

While it’s acknowledged that many companies and workflows have some sort of Huawei and ZTE components involved, there will also be a program helping contractors with projects worth more than $50 million to replace such equipment. The funds will last to the beginning of 2021.

National intelligence agencies have framed the two Chinese telecoms companies as data thieves on behalf of the central government with the capacity to siphon foreign consumer data to servers. Their products have also been characterized as compromised of security. Huawei and ZTE both have insisted that they are for-profit ventures run independent from Beijing’s influence.

Still, major operations such as the Democratic National Committee and military base retailers are no longer welcoming Huawei or ZTE products into their purview.

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