In case you’re undecided between services like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and Deezer, or simply too lazy to download and try them all on for size, Huawei will soon make it easy for its Honor sub-brand fans to enjoy online music streaming out the box.

That’s right, all Honor buyers in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and South East Asia should find the Android Deezer app pre-installed on their shiny new smartphones for immediate access to a solid audio library of 40 million tracks, personalized mixes, as well as 40,000 podcasts and audiobooks.

The US is noticeably absent from that list, and for once, it’s not Huawei’s fault, as the 5X recently brought the low-cost Honor family to the attention of American audiences for the first time. Instead, the 2009-founded, France-based “global” on-demand music streaming service is yet to properly penetrate the US market, with prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless and audio equipment manufacturers Sonos and Bose retaining exclusive usage rights of sorts.

Still, this “first of its kind” partnership feels like a pretty big deal for Deezer, which has been struggling to build up its subscriber count of late. There are more than 6 million people around the world that use the tunes player, but over half of these are inactive (read don’t pay subscription fees), so any type of (aggressive) endorsement from a phone maker ranked as high as Huawei is bound to help.

Update: Cross Latin America and Africa off the list of regions due for Deezer pre-loading, this time by Huawei’s fault, as Honor gadgets won’t be made available there in the near future.

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