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This Mac software bundle includes 3 essential apps to streamline your life

By Pocketnow Digital Offers March 6, 2020, 3:00 am

If you own an Apple product, you have some of the best technology in the world. Whether it’s an iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, all these devices are linked together in the powerful Apple ecosystem. What makes the Apple platform so special is all the incredibly powerful apps that are only available for Mac users. See for yourself with The Mac Utility Audio Software Bundle. This is one of our favorite Apple bundles and it includes three essential apps.


iTunes can be a little clunky and outdated, which is where WALTR 2 comes in handle. As the best iTunes alternative on the market, WALTR 2 provides enhanced functionality like wireless transfer of music, videos, and PDFs between your Apple devices. Skip the hassle of using iTunes and endless cords to connect devices. With WALTR 2, it’s as simple as drag-and-drop. WALTR 2 also has other awesome features like Automatic Content Recognition that will fill in key metadata like cover art and track lists for your songs. The Smart Adaptive Conversion feature is also very useful by providing 5x faster audio and video conversions. According to Forbes, “if you regularly transfer your own files — WALTR 2 could make your life a lot easier.”


Softorino Youtube Converter 2

YouTube is an amazing resource to stream videos, but its biggest flaw is the requirement for an internet connection. Softorino Youtube Converter 2 conquers this problem by allowing you to quickly download any YouTube videos to watch later offline. This includes 4K videos with ultra-high definition quality and your favorite music videos. There are a few competitors on the market that also provide video conversion, but none are as impressive as Softorino Youtube Converter 2 for one reason. What makes Softorino Youtube Converter 2 better than other video converters is the ability to turn any video into a timeless iPhone ringtone. You can convert any online video into an MP3 song and then set it as your smartphone’s ringtone. 


The last app included in The Mac Utility Audio Software Bundle is iRingg. Dealing with ringtones can be quite a hassle. From selecting the best ringtone to transferring it between devices, there’s so many steps that may be stress-inducing. iRingg is an app launched by Softorino that provides a revolutionary solution to streamlining the process of getting the best ringtone for your smartphone. The first step is to select your favorite ringtone. You can either choose from the database of over one million unique ringtones or you can create your very own ringtone using iRingg. Creating your own ringtone is a straightforward process. Then, just transfer the ringtone to your iPhone using WiFi or USB cable with the click of a button.

The Mac Utility Audio Software Bundle is an excellent deal with three essential apps. Get the bundle today for 68% off the original price. That brings your total down to just $24.99.

The Mac Utility Audio Software Bundle – $24.99

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