Prolong long-term battery life of your smartphone with this Qi wireless charger

Wireless phone charging has become extremely popular. If you haven’t gotten yourself a Qi wireless charger already, then you definitely have to check out this Takieso Marble Qi Wireless Charger. It’s the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.

Handcrafted from natural marble through a multi-milling process, the Takieso Marble Qi Wireless Charger is a thing of beauty. It will be an instant favorite for all you minimalists out there. What’s even better is that the Qi charging technology in this device will prolong the long-term battery life of your smartphone by preventing overcharging.

Get your Takieso Marble Qi Wireless Charger today at large discount while supplies last. When you use the code USA20 on checkout, you can take an additional 20% off the already discounted price of $69.

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