Dead Zebra brings us into spring with special Android minifigs

Beyond large canvasses, coffee mug prints and a vast plethora of other media, the wonderful mind of artist Andrew Bell manifests itself every once in a while in the form of special minifigures of the Android mascot… an Android android… we guess.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen Bell’s Android Foundry Progress Administration prints, check them out — they’re an oddly charming take on wartime recruitment propaganda.)

If you’re a fan of a product and the symbols that stand for it, you just might be interested in getting some of them as shelf trinkets or table trimmings. And just in time for Easter, we have a special edition trio of Android minis celebrating “Sweet Spring” from Bells’ Dead Zebra.

Yes, the overall design, replete with pastel colors, really does push the look of that sugar-coated marshmallow candy, Peeps. No, Google has yet to confirm the official treat name for Android P.

If it wasn’t already made clear, each set contains three flocked figures in magenta, yellow and violet colors sized at 9 square inches and a bit more than 3 inches tall.

As of press time, pricing is to be determined, but these items generally go for between $10 and $15. Bundle in a set of three square or hexagonal stands for a $3 total discount. The figures are available for pre-order from 11am Eastern today to when supply is depleted and will ship from March 26. Limit four sets per household.

Easter begins on April 1.

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