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Sometimes the smartphone you want comes just the way you want it: beyond having the electronics and software you’re after, the phone’s also got the perfect look, with material and color options aligning just to your tastes. But even if you can’t buy the phone you love with the look you crave you’ve still got options, and both cases and aftermarket skins give users a chance to customize their phones in ways the manufacturer never did. We’ve been fans of what dbrand’s been doing with skins for a while now, and today we learn of a limited-time new option going up for sale, as dbrand offers its “carbon fiber” skin in a new orange shade.

We took one of these dbrand carbon fiber skins for a spin with the iPhone 6 last year, and really liked what it did to complement the handset’s design. Normally that texture is available in black, white, and red color options, but for the next few days, shoppers can also pick up an orange variant.

The new orange carbon fiber skin is available across the whole dbrand product lineup, meaning you can get it custom-cut for not just popular smartphones, but also gaming consoles, tablets, and laptops. As always, with phones you can choose which parts of your handset you’d like to skin, leaving some uncovered or mixing and matching skin color and texture options.

Orange carbon fiber is only going to be available at dbrand for a 72-hour window, which started at 11am today – so you’ve got through mid-day Monday to make your selection.

What do you think of the new orange carbon fiber option? Let us know in the comments.

Source: dbrand

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