dbrand Nexus 5 skin review (Video)

The Nexus 5 we’re giving away isn’t just any old smartphone. First of all, it’s the larger 32GB model, so those of you with an aversion to cloud storage and an affinity for byte-hungry media can rest easy. More importantly, it comes bearing a cosmetic upgrade: a vinyl skin from the fine folks at dbrand that replicates a white carbon fiber/brushed titanium finish. And if that’s not your speed, there are four more skins bundled with the award package, waiting to be claimed by our grand-prize winner.

But how well do these skins work, anyway? What’s the process of applying them like, and how well to they hold up over time? Just as crucial: how tough is it to remove them once you tire of their appearance?

We’ve put together a quick video to answer those questions. You’ll learn about the ups and downs we’ve encountered in our few days with the skinned Nexus 5 giveaway device, and you’ll get some deeper insights from longer-term dbrand users Joe Levi and Taylor Martin – both of whom gussied up their Nexus 4 smartphones with the company’s vinyls last year. So dive on down to the below video and learn something about these unique smartphone accessories – and be sure to enter our contest for a chance to win some of your own!

(Full disclosure: dbrand provided the Nexus 5 and skins for our giveaway – a topic we address in the video below.)

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