Admittedly, I’m a case junkie – not because I love cases, but rather because I’d rather keep the appearance of my phone pristine for as long as possible. When cases are the only valid option, I like to switch it up, because I get bored with cases quickly. I’ve already bought three for the iPhone 6 Plus. Ergo, I’m an inadvertent case junkie.

But cases aren’t the only form of protection for your precious smartphone. If you have one of the select phones dbrand chooses to support, you have a host of other options for protecting your phone. dbrand is the maker of exquisite wraps for your smartphone that not only add a little flare to the appearance, but also bring a small amount of protection against small bumps, scratches, and scrapes.

Naturally, dbrand is in the process of updating its catalog with iPhone 6 skins and we’ve had a chance to go hands-on and use them. How are they? Are they worth the money? And are they better or worse than existing skins? Find out in our dbrand iPhone 6 skin review below!

Tell us what your favorite texture and color combination is in the comments, too! My vote goes for the matte black or red carbon fiber!


dbrand iPhone 6 skin review video

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