What’ll be in the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update roll-out?

Windows 10 is getting updated as it has passed on its first year of release. Windows 10 Mobile? Not so much.

We haven’t had the luxury of figuring out when the heck the update would come until recently — and what good is covering Windows 10 around without an update planned for Windows 10 Mobile?

Well, Windows Central is confirming a piece of information spotted in a tweet from the Lumia India Twitter account — the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will start rolling out to unlocked devices on August 9. Carrier-specific devices will have to wait until August 16, courtesy of add-ons and processing.

But what’s up with the update itself?

The build will likely be on the 14393 level, though we don’t know which revision will make it (.5; .10; or .67). The firmware may feature stoppages to high power drain during sleeping.

There’s a chance that the AT&T variant of the Lumia 950 will get upgraded to version 16236 which will fix Wi-Fi issues and add double tap to wake as well as PureView changes.

We’d hope for a few more candles on this cake as soon as we get it and discover it at some point. Just remember that we’re relying on one source for all this info.

Source: Windows Central

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