Dart on Android could bring smooth, 120fps apps

What is Dart on Android? First of all, it’s not called “Dart on Android”, but “Sky”. Dart represents Google’s own Web development language which is focused on speed, allowing to write apps not in Java, like most (or all) apps. At the recent Dart Developer Summit, the “Dart on Android” project was showed off, of course, under the name Sky.

Why is it different? While hardware support isn’t even there, Sky will allow running super smooth 120fps apps, instead of 60fps (Hz) which we are currently used to (and even that isn’t sustainable in all cases). The group showed off a demo app with renders of a frame every 1.2ms, but apparently Sky has the potential of going up to 120fps, which basically represents a full frame every .8 milliseconds. Sky is claimed to be “Jank-free by design”, and its code can run on Android, as well as iOS.

What does this mean for the typical user out there? We’ll ask our own Joe Levi to translate all of this to us.

Source: Ars Technica

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