Damned codenames: HTC Ocean Master is not HTC Ocean, apparently

The source of speculation about HTC’s “Ocean” phones has come out with a supposed update to the company’s gameplan.

@LlabTooFeR on Twitter, historically a go-to for HTC leaks, has made it clear that one of three rumored phones with the leading codename of “Ocean” has been dropped from release plans.

LlabTooFeR previously told of three codenamed phones in development to watch for: Ocean Note, Ocean Master and Ocean Smart. A leak from Evan Blass last week clarified that an “HTC Ocean” that is featured now in two videos with a conceptualized “Sense Touch UI” is not what was publicized as the HTC U Ultra (known as “Ocean Note”).

All this to say that the press and we at Pocketnow have been conflating what we saw in the videos as the “Ocean” with the suggested name of “Ocean Master.” It is not clear if “Ocean” and “Ocean Master” were or are one and the same, if ever they were. Nevertheless, the Ocean Master will likely not see the light of day.

LlabTooFeR goes on to tweet what they apparently think of the U Ultra’s imaging.

HTC going after Samsung’s decapitated Galaxy Note 7 definitely makes sense as we’re stuck right in the middle of flagship launches. Whether it can pull off its imaging right with a $749 price tag is questionable, but at least we’ve figured that the “Ocean Note” won’t be the big reveal that the company’s supposedly saving for the spring.

Nothing has been said about the forgotten third “Ocean” model, the “Ocean Smart.”

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