Hot ongoing ‘Daily Steals’ include $250 HTC One A9, $120 Moto 360 Sport

Still thinking of getting a head start on your holiday gadget shopping, even after Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Staples revealed massive slates of compelling upcoming Black Friday deals on everything from iPhones to iPads, Apple Watches, flagship Android handhelds, tablets, wearables and media streamers?

The all-year discount specialists over at Daily Steals have you covered, bringing among others the HTC One A9 and Moto 360 Sport down to all-time low prices.

HTC recently trimmed its most blatant iPhone copycat to $275 for Team HTC members seeking early access to the Black Friday bargain extravaganza, but you can now save even more at this third-party retailer. Not a lot more, but still.

For the next four days, or until inventory runs out, the AT&T unlocked GSM LTE HTC One A9 32GB in “opal silver” will set you back just $250, brand-new, with retail packaging.

The outdoor-friendly Moto 360 Sport Android Wear smartwatch in white also drops a few bucks from the last time we saw it discounted, to a very-hard-to-resist $120, standard one-year warranty included. Or you could settle for a first-gen refurbished Moto 360 in dark black leather, light stone leather or stainless steel at $69.99 a pop. Decisions, decisions.

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