CyanogenMod 7 (Final Version) Video Tour (Updated)

CyanogenMod ROM is one of the most powerful and widely used custom ROMs for Android-powered devices (smartphones and tablets alike). Now that CM7 has reached its final release, what can you expect to find inside this AOSP-based ROM? Glad you asked!

There’s a LOT of stuff inside CM7, and the video length reflects it. Sit back, relax, and watch as we take a tour of CM7. Let’s dive right it and take a look!

In the video we’ll look at some of the new things CyanagenMod 7 lets you do, and a bunch of the settings that you can change, from tweaks for color-blind users that might double your battery life, “phone goggles” to help you from making “embarrassing” phone calls at night, moving your status bar from the top to the bottom, custom unlock screen tweaks, custom themes, and a whole bunch more!


Want to give CM7 a try on your phone or tablet? If so, here’s how to get started:

– See if your phone is on the supported devices list

– From there, click on the picture that matches your phone and download CM7, then copy this file to the root of your sdcard

– Next you’ll need to root your device (if you haven’t done so already). Click on the “wiki” link on the device’s page to get a step-by-step walk-through specific to your phone or tablet

– After you have successfully rooted your phone I’d recommend purchasing ROM Manager Premium to make flashing both the recovery image and CM7 easier

That’s all it takes! Go and enjoy all the new features and fun that’s inside of CM7, and make sure you let us know your favorite feature in the comments below!

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