We’ve heard a lot of bold, pompous claims from the developers of arguably the most popular community-driven Android fork after going commercial, but so far, Cyanogen Inc. hasn’t been able to put its money where its mouth is.

Of course, actual funding isn’t really the problem here, or lack of talent, or even lack of intriguing ideas about how to take Cyanogen OS to the next level. The issue is not enough hardware manufacturers seem to wholeheartedly support the platform on the heels of the OnePlus breakup.

There’s Lenovo, through the newly established ZUK sub-brand, a little British company called Wileyfox, and perhaps above all, rising Indian star Yu. Only Yu didn’t appear very committed to the “cause” a few days back, when it inexplicably pulled the plug on the Cyanogen OS-powered Yuphoria, replacing it with a slightly cheaper stock Android variant.

Trouble in paradise? Not at all, says Cyanogen, which just issued an official press statement stressing its “great partnership with Yu”, set to enter a new phase, as the high-end Yutopia closes in on a formal, detailed announcement.

The reason the $100 or so Yuphoria no longer runs the vastly customizable proprietary software package is apparently “it doesn’t always makes sense to support every device in a partner’s portfolio, and there are one-off model variations.” Right, but Cyanogen already supported the Snapdragon 410 5-incher, and what the public wanted to know was simply why that’s not the case less than six months after the Yuphoria’s debut.

Source: Android Police

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