What Google buyout interest means for the future of Cyanogen

This past year’s been a huge one for Cyanogen Inc., seeing not just the formal incorporation of the company, but its involvement in the release of new Android hardware, like the OnePlus One, or its dealings with Oppo (as with the N1, above). Will the next year bring similarly big things to Cyanogen’s table? Well, it sure looks like interest in the company is higher than ever, as we get word of a new round of funding and reports of Google interest in a possible acquisition.

Cyanogen’s said to be going after investors now, seeking an ultimate market valuation up around the one billion dollar mark. That lofty goal seems to have been motivated in part at least by a run-in with Google’s Sundar Pichai, who talked about interest in acquiring the firm while meeting with Cyanogen execs. While they reportedly turned down the offer, Google’s interest is only serving to fuel enthusiasm from other investors; after all, if Google wants it, it must be something pretty special, right?

What does all this mean for Cyanogen’s future? Up next could be a partnership with India’s Micromax, much in the same vein as its work with Oppo – at least, that’s also something that Cyanogen’s said to have been sharing with potential investors.

But for all these signs that the company’s moving up in the world, there could also be downsides: increased attention from Google could spell added scrutiny for OEMs delivering phones with CyanogenMod installed out of the box, and failure to meet Google standards could pose problems for companies that want their phones supporting Google Play Services. And what if Google comes back with an offer that’s simply too generous to ignore? Google absorbing Cyanogen could be a big setback for independent development within the Android space.

No matter which way this all ends up going, the next twelve months sure seem to be shaping up to be another exciting year for Cyanogen.

Source: The Information
Via: Droid Life

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