Cyanogen Inc. is currently famous for two things that are directly related to each other. One thing is the company’s awesome CyanogenMod, which not only gives users a ton of UI flexibility, but also a bloatware-free experience. The company is also famous for its plan to claim Android from Google as well. What it currently isn’t famous for, is for its own proprietary services outside of CyanogenMod, and that seems to be a target of change.

Cyanogen has just hired two new talents from very different companies and backgrounds. On one hand we have Stephen Lawler, Amazon’s VP of Direct Traffic and former CTO of Bing Maps. Lawler is famous for Amazon’s “Smile” program, in addition to leading Microsoft’s Bing Maps and Bing Mobile platforms at some point. Another hire is Qualcomm’s VP of Engineering Karthick Iyer, which should bring his 7 years of experience in creating Snapdragon-optimized solutions. Cyanogen’s recent partnership with Qualcomm to bring the next generation of their whitebox offerings to OEMs would be highly benefited by these new hires, but speculation also leads to a possibility of Cyanogen services to compliment the operating system.

We’re not sure if we’re talking about Cyanogen Maps, or other options focused on cloud syncing, but it’s clear that Cyanogen is building up to that.

Source: Cyanogen
Via: Forbes

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