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Customize or Remove Lock Screen Text in Windows Mobile 6.5

By Anton D. Nagy April 5, 2010, 1:28 am

We've posted about how to change the position of the Lock Screen Slider in Windows Mobile 6.5 to either bottom or middle of the screen and today we're going to show you how to customize the "Slide" and "Tap or Slide" strings to show either a text of your choice or simply remove them for a minimalist look.

You can use the same technique described below with all resolutions and both Portrait or Landscape, but you have to edit the proper files. Since I am using WVGA on my HD2 and am only interested in Portrait, I will be using the file called LS_LockScene_480x800.cpr found in WindowsLockScreen folder. This folder holds all the Lock Screen layouts, just look for the resolution you are interested in within the file name.


On to the steps:

  1. Connect your device to your PC either by ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

  2. Open File Explorer and navigate to DeviceWindowsLockScreen.

  3. Copy LS_LockScene_480x800.cpr to your PC Desktop. Also, make a backup copy of the file in another location in case you want to revert to stock.

  4. Open it in Notepad.

  5. Search for "shellresapps.dll". You will find two instances: the first one is within a long string responsible for the text on "TapOrSlide" and the second within a similar string responsible for "SlideToUnlock" a bit lower in the file.

    Note: "TapOrSlide" refers to the text being displayed when there are notifications on you Lock Screen and you can either tap to expand the Lock or slide to unlock your device and "SlideToUnlock" refers to simple unlock without any notifications being active. In this Demo I will change both instances but if you only want to change one, apply this technique to either "TapOrSlide" or "SlideToUnlock".

  6. We were searching for "shellresapps.dll". Here, you have two options: either delete "shellresapps.dll,18149" and leave the empty quotes "" which will give you no text at all on the Lock Screen on replace "shellresapps.dll,18149" with the custom text of your liking, between the quotes like I did: "Anton D. Nagy Demo Text". While you are here, just in front of the strings you've just edited you will find InnerTextType="Resource". Here you need to delete everything in the quotes and just leave the empty quotes "". Here's how it should look like:

    Text ID="SlideToUnlock" Top="90' Width="480' Height="24' FontFamily="Helvetica Neue OTS" FontSize="9' Wrap="False" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Middle" InnerTextType="" Text="Anton D. Nagy Demo Text"
  7. Save the file and close Notepad.

  8. Copy the file back to DeviceWindowsLockScreen.

  9. Done. Soft Reset.

You can play with the customization and in case anything goes wrong, just take your safety backup copy from step 3 and put it back on your Device, Soft Reset and you are on stock again.

(Source: XDA Developers)


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