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Customize LauncherPro with Dock Background Images

By Joe Levi February 9, 2011, 6:46 pm

Brandon just showed off how cool LauncherPro for Android is. Something he didn’t go into was the ability to apply custom background images to the dock bar. Sure, it comes with a few very elegant looking backgrounds, but this is your phone, and you should be able to customize it to look however you want.

Luckily there are people out there who have taken the stock background images to a whole new level. This image pack has over 120 high-quality images that you can mix and match with your wallpaper to add an extra level of customization to your phone.

Want to give it a shot?

1. Download the images from the XDA-Developers thread and extract the files to a single folder (I called mine Launcher Pro Docks)

2. Copy this folder to the root of your sdcard

3. Open LauncherPro‘s “Preferences”

4. Tap “Appearance Settings” then “Dock background”

5. Select “Custom”

6. Navigate to the folder you copied in step 2

7. Browse the images and select the image you want as your dock background

8. Restart Launcher Pro for the changes to be applied

TIP: To quickly restart LauncherPro go to the main “Preferences” screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Restart LauncherPro”. Enjoy!

Source: XDA-Developers

Via: Talk Android

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