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Customize, theme, and tweak your soft buttons with this app (video)

By Joe Levi June 26, 2013, 1:11 pm
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

Changing the soft-buttons on your Android-powered device is one way to super-customize your smartphone or tablet. Some complain that soft buttons take up too much space on your screen and would be better served as physical or capacitive buttons. Others love that you can change, theme, configure, and even hide the soft buttons depending on what you’re app you’re in.

One developer wanted to make customizing your soft buttons quick and easy — as long as you have superuser permissions. At version 0.95, he’s really close!

His app, Ultimate Dynamic NavBar, lets you configure what buttons appear in your navbar, and lets you configure what happens when you long-press on them. It lets you set the height of the bar, as well as its opacity, and even automatically hides the navbar with a nice animation — with a caveat. The version of the app we used for filming this video has the option to “Hide real NavBar” disabled. Since you’re unable to hide the stock navbar (for now) the new navbar (with all the cool features I just mentioned) will be stacked on top of the other one. The developer did this to combat what some users reported as “bricked devices”. In the meantime, you can use another app to hide the stock navbar, or wait until the developer updates this app to do so in a less “dangerous” way.

url: http://www.youtube.com/embed/pVKAh9Kq_D8

Developer thread and download link: XDA

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