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Several companies have decided to close their doors temporarily to prevent further infections of the coronavirus pandemic. Apple is one of them. They have recently reopened their stores in China, but they remain closed in other countries. Now, an Apple spokesperson has told Business Insider that customers who left their devices for repair will be unable to pick them up until the stores reopen.

Apple Stores have been closed since March 14 and will continue like this until further notice, with no specific reopening date. However, some stores kept working for a few days to allow their customers to pick up devices that were ordered for in-store pickup or for those who had left devices for repair. Unfortunately, if you didn’t pick up your device during those days, you will have to wait until stores reopen. An Apple spokesperson told Business Insider that they made every possible attempt to get people’s products back to them. Still, some people couldn’t pick their products before they closed.

Apple was planning to reopen its stores on March 27, but it seems that it won’t be opening any time soon. Now, Apple is also working with customers who sent their devices to a repair center to get them sent back to their homes, instead of sending them back to retail stores for pickups.

Source MacRumors

Via Business Insider

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