Custom HTC Task Manager Skin Adds Colored Icons

If you’re using an HTC Windows phone, you’re surely enjoying the benefits of using the task manager in the upper-right corner of the taskbar. It comes in handy for managing applications or quickly accessing memory information. Comprised primarily of grey and white colors, along with dull icons, it’s rather plain looking though. Well, if you feel that the color scheme clashes with the UI or any themes you’re using, there’s an easy way to bring it to life.

Over at XDA, they’ve created a custom skin for HTC’s task manager. The skin replaces the three icons at the top with better looking, colored ones. It also enlarges and adds a hint of red coloring to the X (close) icon for running programs. You can grab the easily installable CAB file for the skin from XDA-developers. The thread does not state the intended resolutions, nor does it mention whether it’s limited to Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5. However, I’ve tested it on a VGA device running WM6.1 and a WVGA device running WM6.5. The skin uninstalled without any problems too.

Update: looks like the creator added a version for QVGA/WQVGA devices.

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