Analysis into version 7.2 of the Google search app for Android has found that Google Assistant could start accepting custom hot words and more languages in active use.

The code, extracted by 9to5Google, shows updates to other integrated services as well, such as the ability to download and sync podcasts through the Google app, more granularly defined shipment tracking and the inclusion of video chat app Duo into Google Assistant smart displays.

The most important of the changes, potentially in conjunction with the launch of those displays, is with the custom hot phrases. Strings of code instruct and inform users on how to set up a custom phrase to call for Google Assistant.

You’ll be able to access your Assistant directly by saying [custom prhase]

Teach your Assistant to recognize [custom phrase] [Custom phrase] is now available

[Custom phrase], what’s my name?

You can also still say [phrase 1] and [phrase 2] to talk to your Assistant.

It’s presumed that the existing “OK, Google,” and “Hey, Google,” call-outs will be accepted.

Motorola was the most prominent of very few Android manufacturers to have enabled custom key phrases for triggering a Google voice search prior to this development — which has yet to roll out.

There will also be a dedicated settings menu for languages wherein Google Assistant will be able to actively recognize a primary and secondary language to cater to multilingual households with a Google Home or Google Assistant speaker.

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