Custom Backgrounds for Windows Mobile SMS Screen

Most of us probably encounter the SMS screen at least once a day, whether it’s receiving or sending out a text. The plain white screen is perfectly fine for many users, but some probably wouldn’t mind spicing it up a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve seen users post their custom backgrounds for the Windows Mobile SMS screen, but it seems a few guys at XDA have recently picked up interest on it once again.

There are 5 custom backgrounds that are easily installable via CAB files. These include: White Bricks, an EnergyROM-like design (pictured above), Sky, Lined Paper, and Marble. The first was created by Mr. Makk, manoli20 is responsible for the second, and the last three are available thanks to Ganondolf. They work for Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.x and possibly for 6.1. Most resolutions should be covered as well.

If you feel like creating your own background, an easy way is to first install one of the CABs. Then make 3 copies of your own custom design and rename them to sms_bg.jpg, sms_bg1.jpg, and smschatbgr.jpg. After that, simply drop them in the Windows directory of your device. Uninstalling the original CAB should revert back to default.

Note: this is for the WM SMS screen, so Sense users who have HTC Messaging enabled shouldn’t use these CABs.

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