Analyst expects curved OLED iPhone in 2018, with up to four display suppliers

Developing smartphones with OLED screens can be tricky. Manufacturing and distributing them on a large global scale is even harder. Until recently, it was also pricier to adopt the organic light-emitting diode technology than LCD, which is mainly why Apple waited so long to follow in Samsung’s footsteps.

But in two years tops, essentially every analyst, pundit and tipster agrees Cupertino will bring to light the sharpest, brightest, prettiest iPhone yet, possibly with no visible display borders and fancy, elegant curves added in the design mix instead.

Wait, two years? What happened with the near-certain 2017 OLED iPhone 7s (or 8), produced in a mutually beneficial partnership with arch-nemesis Samsung? Well, it’s still most likely slated for a commercial rollout next year, though Choong Hoon Yi, UBI Research’s president and chief analyst, believes it could need extra time for preparation.

There’s no reason to expect someone beside Samsung will lead panel supply for the rookie OLED iPhone effort, while companies like LG, Japan Display and even Foxconn should each lend a hand with a combined total of up to 40 percent of initial orders.

By Foxconn, today’s Korea Herald report probably means new daughter outfit Sharp, which could subsequently play a pivotal part in Tim Cook’s planned rapid OLED ramp-up. The improved screens are tipped to comprise only 30 percent of 2018 iPhone shipments, then a whopping 80 percent a measly couple of years later.

If the expansion goes down as rumored, Apple would ironically “outpace Samsung in terms of OLED adoption.” At the same time, if all these forecasted figures and percentages pan out, Apple could sell well over 300 million iPhones in 2018, up from even last year’s record-breaking tally of around 230 mil. Sounds a little far-fetched, considering the present congestion of the handheld market.

Source: The Korea Herald

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