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Microsoft announces Cortana app for Android and iOS

By Stephen Schenck May 26, 2015, 10:34 am

Windows 10 Mobile is going to be tightly integrated with Windows 10 on PCs: that’s a key pillar of Microsoft’s platform vision, and promises to help further streamline communication between devices. So while Microsoft smartphones will work smoothly with Windows 10 computers, what about those of us who run Windows on our PCs but elect to go with Android or iOS as our primary mobile ecosystems? Today Microsoft shares some of what it’s planning for Android and iOS users on Windows 10, including availability of a Cortana app.

That’s right: Microsoft’s voice assistant will soon be available to smartphone users everywhere, and no longer just those on Windows Phone devices. While the Android and iOS Cortana apps won’t have quite the tight system-level integration as on Windows handsets, lacking the ability to control phone settings or be triggered by voice command (at least, not out of the gate), they will still be ready to answer your questions and connect with the Cortana Notebook. The app should hit Android phones in about a month, and will be ready for iPhones sometime later in the year.

Beyond Cortana, we also learn some PC software called Phone Companion, which will help Android and iOS users configure their phones with apps connecting them to various Microsoft services, like OneDrive and OneNote. That will be available in a future Windows 10 preview release, in just a few weeks. Finally, an updated Xbox Music app for Android and iOS will land in a month or two that supports free playback of OneDrive-stored content.

Source: Microsoft

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