The next few days will likely be big ones for Android, and Apple could be just over a week away from announcing its new iPhones. Then Windows Phone has GDR3 and all that quad-core, 1080p jazz to look forward to in the coming months… so where does this all leave BlackBerry? Today we get a couple of updates on where the company’s heading, hearing rumors both about a possible release for the Android and iOS ports of BlackBerry Messenger, as well as talk about T-Mobile showing a changing attitude towards the platform.

We’ve been seeing a spate of developments concerning those BBM ports recently, and really were hoping that the apps could be about to launch any day now. We may still have quite the long wait on our hands, with reports now claiming that a BlackBerry exec has said to look for the release of this software towards the end of October. That’s surprising, considering how far along everything seemed, but maybe BlackBerry just isn’t in any rush.

As for the platform itself, multiple T-Mobile employees have been saying that they’ve heard the carrier intends to stop carrying both the Z10 and Q10 in stores. That means that any shoppers will have to order the phones via direct ship, a prospect that could easily sway potential buyers towards more immediately available options. With no sign of an imminent Z30 launch, this doesn’t sound so much like making room for new hardware as it could just point to declining interest in promoting BB10 sales.

Source: The Droid Guy, CrackBerry Forums
Via: Coolsmartphone

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