10 essential cross-platform applications (Video)

Application support is everything nowadays. It can make or break operating systems or ecosystems, and send entire companies into an eternal abyss, otherwise known as irrelevancy.

Without proper support from major services and app developers, users constantly have to search high and low for alternatives, or simply learn to do without. And getting used to a broad application library, such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store, making the switch to another platform, is tough. Even supplementing your needs with a secondary operating system (i.e.: a Windows Phone smartphone and an iPad, or any other multi-platform combination), can be difficult with tight-knit, proprietary ecosystems, such as iCloud.

That’s why keeping some cross-platform services in your back pocket is never a bad idea. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of them that not only support Android and iOS, but even the smaller fish, like Windows Phone or sometimes even BlackBerry.

Watch this video to see the 10 essential cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone!

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