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Cricket Wireless and the free ZTE Overture 3

By Jules Wang November 3, 2017, 12:45 am

So, you wanna get a smartphone in 2017, right? And you want one for cheap. Perhaps you’re not a geek and don’t need it for more than several times a day. You’re not asking much.

Well, if you bring your number to AT&T’s prepaid outlet, Cricket Wireless, you can get a new ZTE Overture 3 for free — and yes, there were two prior Overtures. If you don’t bring a number, it’s $49.99. It’s available online and in stores from November 10.

Couple of bummers: you’ll need a service plan with at least 1GB of data for $30 per month, but you do have unlimited talk and text. You’re also on the hook for a $25 activation fee and applicable sales tax. Also, we have no pictures of the phone.


Cricket says that it has a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 5-inch display and a “powerful quad-core processor.” Carrier-side benefits include HD Voice and FM radio. Also, with split-screen multi-tasking, we at least have assurance that we’re dealing with Android Nougat, which is okay.

Here’s the thing: for the time being, Cricket Wireless is also offering a similar promotion for the LG Fortune — the phone you see in the header. It’s free with a number transfer and $39.99 for upgrades and new numbers. And there are 5-megapixel dual-rear cameras. There’s 16GB of memory. It might have the older Android Marshmallow OS, but at least there’s stuff that you can read and know about the device.

Our lesson to you? Always do a little research and take a little care about something you’ll only care about every so often.


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