Cricket starts selling familiar $180 Samsung Galaxy Halo with Android 7.0

With Virgin Mobile out of the prepaid Android smartphone-selling business, this may just be the perfect time for Cricket Wireless to expand its low-cost Google-powered product portfolio.

Indeed, AT&T’s daughter operator has recently picked up the $80 Alcatel Pulsemix, $170 LG Stylo 3 and $150 ZTE Blade X Max, discreetly following up this week with the $180 Samsung Galaxy Halo.

Sounds like a special budget-friendly handset, but under the spiritual moniker basically hides the same exact mediocre hardware of Sprint’s Galaxy J7 Perx and the Verizon-”exclusive” J7 V.

Not to be mistaken for the much prettier, sharper and beefier J7 (2017), Cricket’s Galaxy Halo only sports an HD 5.5-inch display, mystery 1.6 GHz octa-core processor (Snapdragon 625?) and a largely unattractive design, with a mostly plastic build.

Oh, well, at least the thing runs Android 7.0 Nougat out the box, also packing a respectable 3300 mAh battery. The 8MP rear-facing and 5MP front cameras are nothing to write home about, but the phone’s price is relatively low, and data plans aren’t going to bankrupt you either. For instance, you can get 8GB “high-speed” access for $45 a month with Auto Pay, or even unlimited cellular service as affordable as $55.

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