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If you absolutely need a phone at Cricket, get a Microsoft Lumia 650 for 99 cents

By Jules Wang March 22, 2017, 3:20 pm

It appeared as of late that Windows 10 Mobile was just about set and done with at the Microsoft Store as inventory became depleted at the start of the year. Since then, many first-party and third-party devices have come back online, including the Microsoft Lumia 650 for a shocking $199.99.

Then again, you could hop over to AT&T’s prepaid operation Cricket Wireless and pay way, way less than what previous discounts could provide. You can activate a Certified Pre-Owned Lumia 650 on the network for just $0.99 — which sounds like a better deal than the older ZTE FanFare in “Certified Pre-Owned” condition.

If you feel like there’s room for a Snapdragon 212 phone with Windows 10 Mobile in your life or someone else’s, maybe it’s just the right deal. Then again, there’s the Surface Phone that’s got us by the hair.

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