Prepaid US wireless service providers can often be even more aggressive than their postpaid-first sibling and parent carriers in a seemingly never-ending battle for bargain-hunting customers.

Just look at how MetroPCS and Boost Mobile traded promotional blows in recent months, followed swiftly by Cricket Wireless today. Technically, the day after tomorrow, as November 5 is when overhauled data plans will go live at AT&T’s top subsidiary.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Cricket has made changes to its unlimited service policy of late, and the small but popular operator also stole the spotlight just yesterday by launching a completely free Android phone… for switchers.

You can now activate the ZTE Overture 3 on a rebooted Unlimited 2 plan, which comes with unlimited everything but even more fine print than Cricket’s main unlimited arrangement. That includes data speeds capped at 3 Mbps (in theory) at all times, possible deprioritization once you cross the 22GB monthly line, and 480p, aka SD quality, video streaming.

You’ll need to pay $55 for that every 30 days if you’re the only member of your family using this particular Cricket service tier, and an extra $25 a month for each additional line. That’s $80 for two lines, $105 for three, and $130 for four, which is significantly higher than what MetroPCS currently charges for family accounts with unlimited service.

Cricket Wireless finally allows for tethering as well on both Unlimited and Unlimited 2 plans, as long as you don’t mind paying an extra $10 for 8GB of Mobile Hotspot data usage. Last but not least, $30 a month covers a 2GB data bucket now instead of just 1 gig, with customers spending $40 automatically upgraded from 4 to 5GB.

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