Crayon Physics Game Pulled from Samsung Omnia II

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a fun game that comes packaged with the Samsung Omnia II. It’s a port of a PC game of the same name and is very similar to Numpty Physics, where the object is to get a ball to the goal (marked by a star) by using properties of physics. This is where the uniqueness of the game thrives. To help accomplish the mission, you can draw/create objects, link or erase them. Check out the video below of the PC version to get an idea of how it works. It’s more or less the same game.


Crayon Physics is fairly easy at first, but the difficulty increases as you progress. There are tons of levels and you’ll find interactive objects introduced later in the game. For example, some levels have rockets that can be activated by dropping objects onto them. It’s a fun and innovative way to play a game. Grab the extracted CAB from XDA-developers. It works great on WVGA devices.

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