The Galaxy Note 7 continues its exit from the public eye as carriers have now begun taking in units that were recalled over its now infamous battery explosion reports and newer ones that have been plagued with the same.

For customers that can’t make it to the store, Samsung is providing thermally-insulated boxes and handling gloves for them to make absolutely sure that, whatever happens from where you are to where Samsung’s at, mail couriers have nothing to worry about while delivering the fizzle-prone phone.

In fact, this video from XDA-Developers editor Brandon Miniman — formerly leading Pocketnow, of course — shows off what you should expect to find and how the box will get back to Samsung.

Some customers have refused to ship back their Note 7 and have demanded other remedial measures from Samsung. These users have been reporting normal temperature tolerances during use. They also admire the extended functionality and feature set of what the smartphone has to offer more than the fact that they are taking risk of injury to use the phone.

“[It’s] like having a Surface Pro in my pockets at all times,” said Note 7 owner Joseph Jugos to CNET.

But even if one Brian Green wanted to, he couldn’t keep his Galaxy Note 7. That’s because the remains of his replacement unit were requested in a subpoena filed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The phone burned to a crisp on a Southwest Airlines jet at one of Louisville International Airport’s gates.

CPSC staff seized the ruins from the local fire department to conduct testing at its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Green told The Verge that the commission apologized and said that the seizure was unusual but necessary as it could not contact Green in quick fashion. The agency is “moving expeditiously to investigate the incident.”

Just another day in this saga of Samsung’s.

Source: CNET, The Verge
Via: Redmond Pie, PhoneArena

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