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Counterpoint Research just posted its quarterly analysis of the smartphone chipset market, and MediaTek did well in the last quarter, the research reveals. MediaTek sold 43% of all chipsets on the market, while Qualcomm managed to get the second place with 24% and Apple third with 14% market share.

The Taiwanese company recorded its largest market share ever. This is all likely thanks to the “competitive 5G portfolio in the low-mid segment and without major supply constraints”, revealed Dale Gai, Research Director at Counterpoint. Compared to Qualcomm, MediaTek also benefited from fewer issues, including with RFICs (Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits), power management ICs, and stable production yields from TSMC. The 4G chip shipments further helped MediaTek strengthen its market position.

Counterpoint Research Q2 2021 chipset market

However, when it comes to 5G baseband shipments, Qualcomm dominated the 5G baseband market with 55% share”. The boost came from the Apple iPhone 12 series, which helped the company dominate the market. The demand for Snapdragon 8-series and 4-series is also very strong, and the shipments would likely be even higher if TSMC didn’t have production issues. Qualcomm diversified the production of its chipset by Q2 2021; however, those results will likely only be visible in the next quarter and the future.

Counterpoint Research Q2 2021 chipset market 2

Apple managed to end up in third place at 14% market share, while Samsung lost 5%, and HiSilicon ended up being the biggest loser in the chip market race as it had only 3% market share, down from 16%. Huawei makes HiSilicon chips, and the company is legally not allowed to produce any more of them. Its inventory is also said to be running very low, with barely any SoCs remaining in stock. As a result, the Huawei P50 series launched with the Snapdragon 888 chipsets, albeit with strict legal restrictions, and the devices are limited to 4G only.

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