Technology trade shows are often a breeding ground for plague and disease, so here at Pocketnow we opted to inoculate ourselves early … by picking up some crazy wintertime head colds just days before flying to Vegas for the 2014 International CES. That’s right: on the first podcast of the year, all three of your humble hosts are suffering from respiratory distress and an overabundance of mucus, all of it glazed over with enough combined medication to drop a Snapdragon dead in its tracks. Or something.

On the brighter side, in addition to being bastions of bacteria, trade shows like CES are also incubators of geeky delight. This year’s show will feature literally hundreds of new gadgets begging to be tapped, hefted, and filmed. So for 2014’s inaugural podcast, we’ll be discussing what we expect from the show: from jumbo-tablets to 2K displays to the coming onslaught of wearable gadgets, we’re anticipating a lot of fun in Vegas this year … and episode 077 of the Pocketnow Weekly is your early-admissions pass to all the pre-show speculation. Hop on down and soak it up, before we all succumb to the NyQuil fairy.

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Pocketnow Weekly Episode 077


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Michael Fisher

Taylor Martin

Joe Levi


Podcast Rundown


Announcements (00:04:32)

stitcher awards

You’ve nominated us for a Stitcher Award; now we need your votes to win!


2014 International CES (00:07:48)

What new tech are you looking forward to seeing at CES?


Heavy Hitters (00:20:16)

Pebble teases CES news

Does Samsung have a new Nexus 10 ready for CES?

Rumors tackle Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro hardware specs

Samsung goes official with Galaxy Camera 2

ASUS alludes to multiple device sizes for CES

TransMaker phone/tablet IndieGoGo project (AndroidHeadlines link)


Second String (00:44:25)

ZTE reveals CES spread: tablets, phones, smartwatch

Archos launches pair of Helium Androids, and one’s not awful

Archos preps connected devices, wearables for CES 2014

Lenovo shares details on four new Android handsets

Meizu preparing to enter US market


Left-Field (01:00:40)

Audi and Google to introduce Android-equipped cars at CES?

For our continuing coverage from Las Vegas, bookmark CES 2014 at Pocketnow!


Thanks for listening, everyone!

Tune in next year for more!

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