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Could this be the future of the iPhone notch?

By Samuel Martinez May 12, 2021, 7:37 pm
iPhone 13 smaller notch

Maybe one of the most polarizing topics of all time started back in November 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X and the first notch. This solution came as part of the Face ID package since Apple had to figure out how to integrate its TrueDepth camera tech into the device’s front panel. And since then, Apple and every other Android OEM have been trying to find a less intrusive alternative to give its users facial recognition and a clean slate in the front.

We are currently in 2021, and Apple and other smartphone companies are still trying to get rid of notches, punch hole displays, mechanical pop-up cameras, and more. And as we get closer to the possible death of the notch with the arrival of under-display cameras, we are still getting renders of what could be the future of the notch in iPhones.

The new iPhone 13 is expected to arrive with a larger footprint than its predecessors, which gives room for speculation about its design. Possibilities of a smaller notch have been rumored since before the launch of the iPhone 12, and we have only seen this happen in the iPhone 12 mini. Designer Antonio De Rosa has come up with another idea, where we could see Apple lifting the front-facing facial recognition tech above the display in an offset design.

This design may never make it to a real and working iPhone, but it’s nice to see how everybody is trying to get the notch out of the display in their iPhones. This new device is labeled as the iPhone M1, and well, it’s not wrong to dream. In the meantime, we will keep on hoping that previous rumors and leaks of screens with smaller notches are indeed telling us that the upcoming iPhone 13 will finally make this dream come true.

Source 9to5Mac


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