Could These Be Google’s Specs For The Nexus 4G?

While Apple fans have been trying to sort out the useful from the unlikely when it comes to rumors about the next iPhone, the Android crowd has been scratching its heads over what Google will have up its sleeve for the next Nexus smartphone. Who will manufacturer it? What kind of performance can we expect? A new rumor looks to be the most complete description of the smartphone to date, and while it doesn’t fill in all the blanks, those that it does look like they’re some pretty solid specs.

Oddly, the source for this information doesn’t reveal the manufacturer he or she believes will actually produce the phone for Google. The name is still up-in-the-air, too, but there’s a possibility it could be the Nexus 4G.

We should be seeing the first of the quad-core Androids when the Nexus 4G is expected, near the end of 2011, but supposedly this model will sticking with a dual-core setup. That processor could be clocked as high as 1.5GHz, so it should still be able to deliver plenty of computing might. The 1GB of RAM sounds pretty standard, and you might think the five-megapixel rear camera is as well, but supposedly it’s going to be capable of some excellent low-light photography (larger sensor?). As is rapidly becoming standard, there’ll be a low-res front-facer joining it.

There’s no measurement available for the display size, suffice to say that the rumor paints it as huge. It will need to both large and exceptionally dense to pull off the claimed 1280 x 720, full-720p resolution. That display should take up much of the phone’s face, with the removal of hardware Android buttons.

The 4G in the phone’s proposed name won’t be a return to WiMAX, but signal the inclusion of an LTE modem. By when the smartphone arrives, AT&T should be kicking-off service with its new LTE network, and the Nexus 4G could be one of the first models to find a home there.

The source seems sure that the smartphone will be the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich device, but raised some doubt as to whether or not that means it will be a Nexus. There’s still the chance it could arrive with Android 4.0 in tow, but not be a Google-branded phone. There’s still plenty of time before it’s supposed to arrive (sometime around Thanksgiving), so hopefully we’ll be hearing more to help clarify things.

Source: BGR

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