iPhone SE camera
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The $399 iPhone SE comes equipped with the A13 Bionic chipset that also powers the iPhone 11 series. Needless to say, Apple has made a strong statement presenting the iPhone SE as a no-compromise phone that can crush almost any task.

But a storm has been stirred ever since the official AnTuTu score of the iPhone SE went live, showing that it ranks below the iPhone 11 trio when it comes to raw performance. Many publications were quick to believe that the iPhone SE comes with an underclocked A13 Bionic chip, which is why the AnTuTu score is lower than that of the iPhone 11 series.

How true is that? Well, first of all, synthetic benchmarks are not always an accurate representation of a phone’s capabilities. Second, the iPhone SE allegedly packs 3GB of RAM, which is 25% lower than the 4GB RAM (via iFixit teardown) fitted inside iPhone 11 series phones. This difference in RAM must surely affect the benchmark score.

The iPhone SE got 492166 on AnTuTu, which is not too far off from the 517400 achieved by iPhone 11. In fact, the iPhone SE is right there alongside 2020 flagships like Galaxy S20. What this means is underclocked or not, the A13 Bionic chipset inside the iPhone SE is still a beast and won’t leave you wanting for more power.

Source: AnTuTu

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