Just over a month ago, Android users got their first shot at trying out Microsoft’s response to the Google Nows and Siris of the world, as Microsoft got invite-only testing underway on Cortana for Android – well, that was the plan, at least, but a leaked APK quickly gave a whole lot of additional Android users a chance to interact with Cortana for themselves. While it was great for Microsoft to start going cross-platform with Cortana like that, we still needed to see Cortana for Android availability greatly expand, and the iOS port was nowhere to be found. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to finishing prepping Cortana for iOS, but today it becomes a lot easier for Android users to get access, as Microsoft opens public beta testing of Cortana for Android.

In its announcement of the beta going public, Microsoft talks a little about some of the improvements it’s made to the software since first starting on this Android edition, like the home-button integration we heard about a couple weeks back.

Even with the beta opening to the public at large, Cortana for Android isn’t without some major restrictions, chief of those being that it’s still US-only for the present. Microsoft’s clear that it intends to see that situation change, but for now there’s no ETA on international availability. But if you’re an Android user in the US who’s curious about Microsoft’s stab at a virtual assistant, hit up the source link for your chance to download Cortana for yourself.

Source: Microsoft

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