Corning has today announced its latest display protective solution – the Gorilla Glass Victus – which succeeds the Gorilla Glass 6. The company says its new product successfully survived a drop from a height of 2 meters on to hard, rough surfaces in lab tests, something aluminosilicate glasses from rivals fail when the drop height is as low as 0.8 meters.

Talking about improvements, Corning says the Gorilla Glass Victus is 2x more scratch resistant compared to the Gorilla Glass 6. And when compared to the aluminosilicate glasses from unnamed rivals, Corning’s offering is touted to be at least 4x more durable, which is a bold claim in itself.

Corning also says the Gorilla Glass Victus improves both ‘drop and scratch performance for the first time ever in the Gorilla Glass family,’ but technical details to justify or expound upon the claims are yet to be revealed. As for OEMs, Samsung will be the first partner brand to debut a device rocking a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus for protection.

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