Corning introduces Gorilla Glass 5 boasting selfie-height drop survival

Corning pretty much has the smartphone glass market cornered. It’s on 4.5 billion or 73 percent of devices and it’s looking for more with the release of Gorilla Glass 5.

The fourth version came out a couple of years ago, so what could’ve improved since then? Oh, just a difference of about 27 inches. Drop takes have improved by 60 percent, up to 1.6 meters — high enough for most selfie-takers with their outstretched arms and, sometimes, some clumsy knuckles.

After tweaks and triumphs, the company was able to achieve an 80 percent survival rate for drops at approximately 67 inches, four times better than competing products. Also being touted are more enduring qualities in spite of dips and hits like clarity, touch sensitivity and continued protection against drops on hard surfaces like asphalt.

The product’s out now and should be in products in this back half of the year.

Source: Corning
Via: SlashGear

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