Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ US sales begin July 21, several deals incoming

Samsung isn’t waiting for a string of random explosions or another such catastrophic event this year to sell the latest model in its uber-successful flagship Galaxy S smartphone family with a snazzy Coral Blue coat of paint.

This time, sea-loving Android power users can get both the smaller and larger super-high-end handsets in the new shade, from Best Buy and as far as unlocked versions are concerned, and specifically for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint subscribers from Best Buy only.

Contrary to last week’s speculation, July 21 is the day sales begin for Galaxy S8 and S8+ models in Coral Blue, with a “qualified purchase or activation” netting you up to $400 off the two’s retail prices off the bat through July 29 (22 for AT&T’s Best Buy-offered promo).

Unfortunately, there are no other details on these very sweet-sounding introductory deals at the moment, while purchases will initially come with a $150 discount for an unspecified “limited time.”

That’s $150 off $725 and $825 unlocked prices for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ respectively in both Coral Blue and Midnight Black, although it’s unclear if you’ll be able to combine these savings with the OEM’s very convenient ongoing trade-in and BOGO programs.

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