Coral Blue Galaxy S9+ is ev-leaked ‘by popular demand’, looking as hot as expected

VentureBeat mobile reporter Evan Blass, known to the smartphone rumormongering community by the Twitter alias @evleaks, is on a typical roll ahead of MWC 2018, slowly but steadily ruining Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S9 Unpacked party.

You know there’s not much left to be leaked if we’re already talking about color options… for the second time in just a few days. After revealing many of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ specifications, the full “go-to-market schedule”, and a series of top-quality renders, Blass strikes again today with an illustration of both the front and back of the Coral Blue S9 Plus.

It appears this was the most popular of three other paint jobs besides Lilac Purple that the GS9 duo is essentially confirmed to sport starting next month. Unlike the snazzy purple hue, this sea-inspired blue shade is not entirely new for Samsung, launching on the ill-fated Note 7 back in 2016.

Offered as a consolation prize of sorts for those who were forced to discard their explosive Note 7s as an extension of the S7 Edge palette, Coral Blue returned with the Galaxy S8, going darker and deeper for the Note 8.

Now it seems to be back in its original form, although you may have to wait a little while before this freshly rendered Galaxy S9 Plus flavor reaches the US. When it does, it’ll obviously feature a dual rear-facing camera setup and repositioned fingerprint scanner. Oh, and by the way, Evan Blass says the Lilac Purple shade might not be “as dark as portrayed” the other day. We could sure use some real-life pics right about now.

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