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Windows 10 Mobile + vehicle dash with HDMI-in = Cartinuum?

By Stephen Schenck April 22, 2016, 12:16 pm

How do you get your in-car smart-device fix? Are you rocking a smartphone mount on your dash, ready to slap on your phone and start navigating? Or do you have a fancy new vehicle with its own smartphone integration, thanks to systems like CarPlay or Android Auto? Those latter two options are well and good for Apple or Android users, but what about the Microsoft contingent? While Microsoft’s announced its own car-connectivity partnerships with various vehicle makers and dash-system manufacturers, there hasn’t been quite the same concerted push towards platform-level integration. One user’s taken it upon himself to do something about that, and with a little creative wiring was able to get Continuum running through his car’s dash.

The key ingredient here is an after-market dash unit with an HDMI input, allowing Continuum connectivity through a Display Dock interface.

Mind you, this is much more on the level of oh-look-isn’t-that-neat than it is a workable smart-car system, especially due to the input problem: Continuum isn’t quite ready for touchscreen input (but recent word suggests that’s on its way), and lacking something like a wireless Bluetooth pointing device, there’s no convenient way to interact with the system. That said, we can’t help but feel like this Windows smartphone fan is onto something here, and we would love to see what other enthusiasts can come up with to enhance this car Continuum – or dare we say, Cartinuum – experience?

Source: Matthew Johnston (Twitter)
Via: Windows Central

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