Consumer Reports Still Won’t Recommend iPhone 4

As Apple’s free case offer for the iPhone 4 comes to a close, Consumer Reports continues to maintain its stance of not recommending the device — despite the publication’s having rated it highly compared to its competitors. According to CR, it is unacceptable for a manufacturer to force owners of a product to seek out a solution to widespread problems; when the case program winds down at the end of the month, users who still experience antenna issues can request a bumper case directly from Apple Care, although no third-party models will be offered.

Consumer Reports originally made news in July through its lack of a recommendation due to “antenna attenuation” — which occurs when the phone is gripped a certain way in certain circumstances — causing a flurry of coverage that led to Apple holding an unprecedented press conference. While CR confirmed that Apple’s solution, wrapping the handset in a case, is an effective method of avoiding problematic signal fluctuation, it continues to call for the company to provide a permanent fix — such as the redesign that was recently rumored.

(via: Mobiledia and Consumer Reports, image courtesy of Apple)

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