The reviews are in, our meticulous comparison video shows you should definitely think about upgrading from the Galaxy S6, and even when pitted against the iPhone 6s, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes out looking mighty impressive.

Could things possibly go any better for the global king of handheld sales, which for a moment there, appeared to have lost its way? Of course they can, as GS7 pre-order numbers reportedly exceeded expectations from Paris to Berlin and Seoul to Beijing, and now, Consumer Reports says the two new microSD-enabled, water-resistant phones are perhaps the best in the whole wide world.

Not just the best Samsung’s ever produced, but superior to last year’s crown holder, the LG G4, as well as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and most likely, the LG G5 too. The G5’s full test results haven’t been compiled yet, though a preliminary hands-on inspection of the modular device uncovered a few small flaws that are nowhere to be found on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The ultra-high-end TouchWiz-skinned Android duo stands out with “excellent battery life scores”, plus “top-notch performance in other areas.” From photography to 4K video recording to underwater endurance and gripability, these are simply unrivaled, and currently sit atop the prestigious Consumer Reports ratings.

Mind you, we’re talking an independent, nonprofit organization here, established in 1936, and holding an impeccable track record of objectively reviewing and ranking the world’s leaders in performance and quality across many consumer product categories. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the flat 5.1-inch model actually snatched the gold medal, followed closely in second place by the GS7 Edge. That’s quite possibly the most surprising part of this entire story.

Sources: Consumer Reports (1), (2)
Via: CNN Money

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