Constant notification badge is getting some users to sign up for Apple Pay

Apple is on a mission to boost revenues from the services it runs — specifically, to more than $40 billion in 2020. It’s been fulfilling that mission not without ruffling feathers of its software engineers who criticize the company for prioritizing profit over a polished and reliable user experience.

One thing that has really roughed up some iPhone users is the fact that for those who aren’t signed onto the ever-expanding Apple Pay system, there’s a constant notification badge that stays on the Settings app icon in the home screen until the user enrolls. This change, The Wall Street Journal reports, was implemented as part of the base iOS 11 release last September. While iOS 10 introduced users to the ability of “uninstalling” system apps like the calculator or Maps or News, it seems that Apple Pay is a core app that can’t be removed.

For the most part, there’s been payoff in Apple’s larger drive for services: Loup Ventures estimates that Apple Pay was signing up 2 million new users a week just after the new iPhone launch and is still gaining at a weekly rate of 1.5 million. The exact number of commercial transactions through Apple Pay is unknown, though the company has said that the number has been exploding. Apple reportedly takes a 0.15 percent cut out of each transaction.

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